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Tôi là Sơn, một lập trình viên, trong thời gian rảnh rỗi tôi viết blog cũng như quay video và chia sẻ nó với mọi người các bạn có thể nhắn tin cho tôi trên facebook facebook.com/nhsonit.

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My name is Sơn, i was born in 199x and you know, actually, i am genuinely proud of having been born and grown up in quảng ninh where has a lot of wonderful views, such as ha long bay,yên tử mountain so on…. it also has a number of awesome foods as Cha Muc :))) well, actually, i am attending HAUI which is one of the top university in Viet Nam . which is natural because my major is so fascinating. it is something that i am genuinely interested in , specially it is my cup of tea well, i have to say that i am keen on a number of thing in my life as: traveling around the world , singing, listening to music, reading book, from time to time ,playing chess…..you know, actually, i have to say that i am a big fan of music and pop music is my favorite choice . you know, actually, i have to say that i have a big dream that i want to become a richman in the future, after graduating my university , i want to land a job at a big firm, specialized in my major, and i hope that my job pays very well , so you know, now, i am trying my best, and i believe that when i try my best, i can get what i want, if i change , everything will change for me this is all about me